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About a year ago, I ordered McAfee Virus Scan over the net and bought a $US30 subscription for the year.

Unfortunately I discovered that schedule manager or whatever it was that came with it had a rather nasty habit. Every five minutes it would steal the focus from whatever application had it. This made playing Unreal Tournament difficult because every five minutes I'd be thrown back to the desktop.

So I complained to McAfee, they were of no assistance, I ended up uninstalling McAfee's product and going with another antivirus program. And that was the end of it.

Or so I thought.

Today, McAfee emailed me to tell me that they'd automatically charged $US30 to my credit card to auto-renew my subscription. I went to their web site and, sure enough, it had auto-renewed. Unfortunately I couldn't find any way to actually turn the auto-renew off! The link to "auto-renew options" just took me to a screen to renew my address and credit card info.

So I have replied to them with an email asking them to cancel the payment and turn off my auto-subscription.


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