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Nigerian haiku

Nigerian scam
Why do they send them to me?
send a form reply:

Dear Mr ________

You may not be aware of this, but New Zealand has a very bad reputation for human rights violations. Unfortunately at the moment what you are proposing is highly illegal here, and the highly militant NZ secret service has already intercepted your email. Simply by receiving this email I have broken the law. As the law mandates, in three days I will be taken out onto the street and publicly executed.

If you live in a country which has an extradition treaty with New Zealand, I highly advise you to pack as quickly as possible and move to a country which doesn't have such a treaty. At the moment the only such countries are Iraq (although with the US taking that over, it is only a matter of time) and western Siberia. I would suggest you choose the latter. YOU MUST DO THIS QUICKLY, AS A WARRANT WILL SWIFTLY BE ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST!! YOUR GOVERNMENT WILL RECEIVE A REQUEST FOR EXTRADITION WITHIN THE HOUR!

I myself am going to attempt to flee the country and try to reach Siberia before they can circulate my photograph to all of the airports. I wish you good luck on evading the tracker dogs, and hope you wish the same of me.

Best regards,

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