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Messing about with Search Engines

At the beginning of the month, I decided to see exactly how much of my web page had been indexed by various search engines, mostly out of interest's sake, but mainly because I'm a fundimentally boring person.

search.msn  299299307


  • search.msn has popups. Ewwwww.
  • Why does Teoma hate my site?
  • Altavista doesn't like the arguments on the end of cgi scripts, so all my music database, which has URLs like "cd.cgi?1100" is reduced to one entry of "cd.cgi". Must fix that.
  • Teoma's navigation isn't that good. I had it set to show 100 entries at a time, and when I clicked on the link to page 2, it gave me entries 11 to 110.
  • Teoma also seems to get confused easily. I moved some files a while ago and put redirectors in to them (using .htaccess) and Teoma's still using the old URLs.

Oh, and when I search on Google, it says it's showing "Results 801 - 834 of about 848". What were the missing 14 results??

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