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Timestreams and Star Trek

I got Timestreams #1 on the NZDWFC website. Timestreams is an offshoot of Time/Space Visualiser - basically an all-fiction fanzine. Issue 1 came out in 1990 and features a seventh Doctor and Ace strip by Warwick Gray (AKA Scott Gray, he now writes for the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip)

And the Star Trek part:
Trevor rented the first three episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I couldn't help but notice that Patrick Stewart kept pronouncing words with an American inflection during "Encounter At Farpoint". It's especially blatent when he mentions that the Enterprise is a "Galaxy-class starship".

But then since Picard's supposed to be French and he usually talks in a British accent, I don't suppose it matters that much.

I've been watching (the aforementioned) C4 all evening as they've been doing a countdown of the top 100 music video of all time, and this involves much groovy 80s music.

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