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It's that time of month again

Yes, I'm menstr - NO! I'm updating my web page with November's Doctor Who merchandise. :P

From Big Finish:
Zagreus - The long-awaited anniversary story and follow-up to Neverland. Last time we saw him, the eighth Doctor was possessed by Zagreus!

Judging by the cast list it's got just about everyone in it.

The Wormery - featuring Colin Baker and Katy Manning as Iris Wildthyme.

The Inside Story - a behind the scenes book about the recording of the audio plays.

And from the BBC:
The Tree Doctors - a documentary about a group of gardeners who...


The Three Doctors - the classic '73 story on DVD, available with and without a model of Bessie. (The model will be free in the UK, but I'm lead to believe it'll be $20 extra here. Guess which version I'll be getting.)

Deadly Reunion - a book penned by Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts, with the third Doctor, Jo and UNIT, what ho! Might be worth getting... *looks at blurb* or not...

Oh, and it's, like, the 40th anniversary or something.
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