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Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka

The good thing about Flash is once it starts playing, you can right-click and untick "Play", and then let the browser load the whole animation before you start watching. This prevents annoying jumps and skips. Unfortunately it still plays the "Loading" animation uselessly for 20 seconds or so.

The animation's not bad... above South Park level, and it reminds me of the Terry Pratchett animated serieseses which screened here a while back.

The character design is generally fairly good, though the Doctor looks like a vampire. I keep expecting Buffy to leap out and stake him. The voices are a wee bit dull, though it might just be because I'm watching the low bandwidth version.

Bonus points for including a bit in NZ, though Turangi was mispronounced by the actor...

Hmm, the incidental music was almost non-existent, though again that could just because I was watching the low bandwidth version.

The ninth Doctor's a wee bit on the grumpy side. Reminds me of the Full Fathom Five Doctor. Plots a wee bit on the dull side so far, but the cliffhanger was dead brill.

I wonder if the DVD is going to be in widescreen.

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