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News Flash: Security Breach at Buckingham Palace

Security Breach at Buckingham Palace

A mild disturbance occurred today in Buckingham Palace during US President George W. Bush's visit. An unidentified man is reported to have approached the President with an outstretched hand, possibly holding some sort of weapon. He was immediately jumped apon by a dozen security agents. The President is said to have been in no danger.

"It was strange the British would just let anyone in off the street like that," said the security agent in charge of the operation. "We pinned him to the ground, and he said 'I say, I'm the Prince of Wales!', so we initiated standard procedure." When pressed further, he elaborated: "We have incarcerated the man until we can establish if the nation of Wales is for us or against us."

The man is understood to be in a detention vehicle awaiting transport to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The President is shaken but not stirred.

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