November 5th, 2002


I want my RTP

Somewhere in my room there are a half dozen issues of the NZ Doctor Who fanzine "Reverse the Polarity". And I can't find them. It is driving me mad. Mad, I tell you.

I looked in a drawer just now, looking for them, and found the certification report for my first computer. A 486 with a whopping 16 megabytes of RAM. I got down about as far as 1994 (I knew because I found 21st birthday cards), at which point I realised it was a fruitless search and turned back. There weren't just dust bunnies in there, there were dust elephants.

I am gradually tidying, honest.

Digital Blasphemy

The newest picture in the free gallery (Last Gold if it's not still the newest) is way kewl. I have it as my desktop at the moment.

Shame it's actually Spring here!

I shuppose I should include a link:
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It's Unreal, man

I am working on an Unreal Tournament 2003 level.

It's tricky, as the editor they provide seems to have a habit of crashing, and leaving itself in a state where you have to reboot to restart it. This leads to much swearing and praying that one has saved recently. But it works.

I have the architecture in place, 98% of the textures set, and there's still a long way to go... and when I've finished, I won't be able to make it available on my web page, as it's a conversion of an Unreal Tournament level someone else did, named Hall of Giants.

But, hey, it's fun. Sort of. And when I'm finished, I'll have the know-how to do an original level.

Also, pleng.
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