November 9th, 2002



Placed most of the lights, all the player starts, health, armour and about half the weapons.... The level is starting to look groovy now.

Once I've placed the rest of the weapons, I will see about the bot paths so the computer-controlled bots can find their way around... Then I just need to fix the lighting and textures for the six zoom tubes, and get the sound effects working.

*waves little flag* Yaaaaaaaay!
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Yay, SF Saturday. The Chronicle, Star Trek: Voyager, and Earth: Final Conflict. Plus repeats of PSI Factor because god knows they couldn't show one of the dozen or so other SF series which have yet to get to our shores...

The Chronicle is pretty good, though the concept feels like they borrowed it from Men in Black. But it's a good series, so I can forgive them. And it's probably already been canceled in the US.

Voyager has, of course, already been canceled, because Trek series aren't allowed to run for longer than seven years. But I still like it.

Earth: Final Conflict is currently in season 4 here, and I've long given up caring what happens to the characters. There was one episode where the Taelon mother ship was going to crash into Earth, nuking it and wiping out everything, and I actually found myself hoping it would happen.

So, anyway, I ended up adding the rest of the weapons to my Unreal 2K3 level. Now there's just the bot pathing and sound effects to do.

Hmm, I've got to balance my cheque book.... and must send in voting forms for my investments - they want to switch the properties around or some such. And find a wedding present for my boss who is getting married at the end of the month. Argh.
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