November 17th, 2002


Unreal again

I reviewed and edited the bot paths... So now I'm fairly happy with the way they move and so forth.

Things to do: Finish textures and lighting on zoom tubes, sound effects, screenshots and summary for selecting the level from the menu.

Things I'm not happy about: The bots seem to choose random spots as defence points. The zoom tubes aren't spitting people out at the right angle (bots tend to end up just bouncing up and down on the end...)

Additional things to do: replace the arched paths with meshs to make them smoother. Possibly place some adrenalin capsules if I can decide on a good place for them. or not.
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La la la

Bah, Sunday night. That's when I get that sinking feeling that says I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I watched the first half of the second assignment of Sapphire and Steel earlier (that's the one set at the railway station). Excellent series that. It's a shame no more of it was made.

So now I'm waiting for the weekly dose of Enterprise and Star Trek (The original series)

Weeeeeeeee, I hate Sunday nights almost as much as I hate Fridays.
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