December 16th, 2002



Were setting up camp for the night when we were buzzed by a flock of snowboarding penguins. Wearing party hats.

Am beginning to suspect that the Llama meat may have had something wrong with it. Would explain the increasing number of Sherpas fleeing down the mountain yelling about approaching elephants. Would also explain why I have picked up the habit of starting a sentence halfway through.

will write more in morning when hopefully the penguins have stopped buzzing the encampment.
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Back At Work

Finally admitted defeat and hitched a ride with one of the penguins back to the base of the mountain. Undaunted, I intend to make another attempt on a more sensible weekend.

Arrived back in NZ in time for work. er, hurrah, I suppose.
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Bandwidth Bandits Redux

I've been doing a minor modification on my site design recently, and taking the opportunity to rename all the graphics directories, which has had the intended effect of flushing out all the bandwidth bandits. And when I did the DiscCon Guide on Saturday, it flushed out the one which was bugging me a few weeks back.

It looks like someone decided to use the picture of the fifth Doctor(!) for their user icon on a message board and didn't bother to make a local copy. Git. Now they have a broken image! Ahahahahahaha!

Must find a way to disable remote linking, like Tripod and so on have done.
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