December 22nd, 2002


Site Updating A Go Go

Mostly today I did site updating!

Paul Scoones sent me the latest DVD release info from Roadshow, the NZ Doctor Who distributors. DVD-wise, we're getting The Talons of Weng-Chiang next July, and The Three Doctors in September, so, er, not for a while yet...

Got the contents of TSV #9 online.

Paul Harman posted a Doctor Who Web Guide update. Alas, my site has not moved at all in the rankings but on the bright side at least it hasn't gone down in the rankings! And 17th position is not bad. Still mildly surprised the DiscContinuity Guide ranks so low, considering that it seems to be one of the more popular parts of the site, but I'm guessing that's mainly due to the number of votes cast overall - most sites in the guide have only a few votes.

Er, *hem*, not that I need the approval of others to justify my existance or anything!

*slinks off to bed*
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