December 23rd, 2002


Today's lesson is:

test the web page *after* you upload the .htaccess file. I logged on and looked at the NZDWFC page, only to find that it was inaccessable. because I'd made a spelling error in the .htaccess file. *fwaps self repeatedly*

Fixed now.

I went for a walk this morning - it was overcast, and I put lots of sunblock on. It worked, and I think I'm still relatively unchanged in my level of fitness. so groovy.

Also watched the Invaders - the version with Scott Bakula in. That was... long. It was pretty good though.
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I have a ticket for a concert Moby is doing here in March. Rock!!!!

So Galley in Feb, Moby in March... 2003 will be fun. :)
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