March 16th, 2003


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Didn't do much today... established that my digital camera needs to be plugged in and on when I power up the PC in order to interface with it... Finished off my Curse of Fatal Death novelisation - now just have to proof read it... that's about it, really.

Need to relisten to the Doctor Who audio Jubilee tonight to add my bits to the DiscContinuity Guide entry.

Celebrity cloning

It has long been my contention that the Entertainment industry has secret human cloning vats, so that they can clone their greatest artists in order to make new celebrities. Hence Christina Aguilera is a clone of Heather Locklear, S Club 7 are cloned from various other celebrities (one of them I suspect is a clone of Baby Spice).

Yesterday I realised another cloned pair, when I realised that Norah Jones looks like a slightly older version of Jessica Alba.

It's all true!!!!!