March 17th, 2003


Bye, bye, cellphone

Cellphone is knackered (that's a technical term) so it has been sent away to be unknackered. It may be gone for a week or so. If I'd known where the place was on Saturday, apparently I could have taken the phone in in person and gotten it fixed on the same day. Tsk.

Parentless, cellphoneless, cast adrift on the cruel, unrelenting sea of life. Woe is me.
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Ok, ok, just this one last bitch...

My work PC's latest "trick" appears to be to empty the visited link cache once a day, so my visited links change back to unvisited colour.

Also, there appears to be some sort of software which, when people use it to play WAV files off my page, automatically looks for a matching file with 7 different extensions. And then adds /subtitles to the path and tries again with all seven extensions.

I'm sorry, that's just annoying - I don't want some dumb software splurking 14 hits into my 404 log just because someone's using it to play a WAV.

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