April 9th, 2003


An Open Letter

An open letter to the people who I seem to inevitably end up driving behind on my way to and from work:

  • The world is not your ashtray.
  • It takes more muscles to wind down the window, chuck the cigarette butt out, and then wind the window up, than it does to flip open the ash tray which you will probably find somewhere on your dashboard.
  • Throwing your cigarette butt out of the car window can start forest fires.
  • Throwing anything out of the car window is littering. Please don't.
  • You do not know how tempted I am to carry a spray can of something yucky in my car, so when you throw your cigarette butt out of the window, I can retaliate by spraying a nice line down the side of your car as I drive past.

Yours irately,
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My D Drive

Ahh, Windows weirdness!

The recycle bin has ceased to work in D drive, and only D drive. The six pseudo drives which point to various directories on D drive still work with their seperate recycle bins. If I look at the recycle bin properties, all of the drives except D drive are listed as tabs.

D drive itself still has a hidden recycle bin directory in its root, which acts like a recycle bin (right click shows the context menu for a recycle bin) except for the fact that if you drag/drop a file on it, the file is deleted without going to the recycle bin.

Norton System Check, Norton Disk Doctor, and Window Scandisk didn't find any faults with the drive.

According to Windows I'm currently connected at 115,200 bps. I find that a tad difficult to believe...

Deleted the hidden recycle bin directory on D drive and rebooted. Windows recreated the recycle bin folder the next time I deleted a file on D drive, and the recycle bin began operating as normal.

Of course, now I'm connected at 24,000 bps
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