May 16th, 2003



Today I got in the mail from
The Transformers Season 2 Part 2 box set
Reboot: To Mend and Defend
Reboot: The Net

Now, Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death has just been released here. Up until now, all the Doctor Who DVDs have been $NZ40. Seeds of Death, however, is $NZ60, despite the UK releases all having the same price.

yes, $60 for a black and white story made in 1966.

I have therefore ordered it (along with Talons of Weng Chiang, under the assumption it will be similarly priced) from

So Nyah.
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Woe is me

My web host decided tonight would be an excellent time to upgrade the web server my page is running on to Red Hat 9. Net result - my site was down for a few hours, and now it's back up and the scripts aren't working. And I can't log in via FTP.