July 31st, 2003


DW releases

Just updating the releases page on my site...

August we have for NZ:
Timeless - the latest EDA. I haven't read an EDA in years :)
Dalek Invasion of Earth - on DVD. I already bought it from the UK cause it's cheaper. Pretty good DVD and a classic story, of course...
Omega - first audio of the trilogy leading up to Zagreus. Ought to be good.
He Jests At Scars... - Doctor Who Unbound with the premise "What if the Valeyard had won?". It has Bonnie Langford in it as an alternate version of Mel, so hooray! Though as Jeff points out, since the Valeyard is a future incarnation of the Doctor, he would vanish when his sixth self was killed.
and finally The Draconian Rage being the latest Benny audio. I *cough* have a pile of these on my desk that I need to listen to.
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