August 19th, 2003


Rotorua & Buffy vs Enterprise

I am off to Rotorua again the latter half of next week. Yaaaaaaay.

I discovered last night that Dominic Keating who plays Reed on Enterprise has a minor role in an episode of Buffy. Season 3, in fact, called "Helpless".

Unsurprisingly he plays a Watcher.

PS: If someone's mentioned this before and I've forgotten, feel free to whap me. My memory is poor.

PPS: If I mention this again in 6 months, feel free to point me to their entry and I will whap myself soundly.
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South Parked

Not being a rugby fan in NZ means...

having to sigh when you get a Telecom bill in a black envelope with "GO BLACK" written all over it.

Likewise, mind you, when the box of Weetbix in the morning is black and has pictures of All Blacks all over it.
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