August 21st, 2003


Working theory

I've finally come up with a working theory why US studios always cancel the really good TV series.

It goes like this:

  1. Studio makes TV series A, B, and C.

  2. A turns out to be really good, whereas B and C are the usual pap.

  3. Public realises that series A is really really good and it makes series B and C look like the worthless crap they are.

  4. Ratings for series B and C plummit, public starts expecting Studio to continue putting out shows on the level of A.

In order to cut off point 3, and therefore maintain the viability of series B and C, and ensure that they can continue to produce worthless pap for eternity, Studio gives series A the chop.

Alternately it could just be that all the really crap series blur into one, and we therefore only notice when the good ones get canned.
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