August 26th, 2003



It looks like the BBC news item about the BBC putting their entire archive online was a wee bit of a misquote.

(The Forum has some bizarre splash screen prompting you to say yes to cookies so you'll have to say yes to that then repaste the URL. What's next? A prompt to get you to accept use of HTML? How about one to get you to accept the use of the <H1> tag?)

Theme from Harry's Game

Why do people keep putting this on CDs? I've just counted and I have 5 copies of it.

Not that it's the most duplicated track. I have 8 copies of the start of Tubular Bells.

I need to write a perl script which works out what songs I have most duplicated, so I can avoid buying any more CDs with them on! Er, apart from Tubular Bells 2003, of course. And it would have to avoid reporting cover versions as duplicates.

PS: and 5 copies of Enigma's Sadeness!
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