October 2nd, 2003

South Parked


Yesterday TV4 here stopped regular broadcasting. Tomorrow they're going to start up again as the music channel C4.

Evidently someone got bored, as a couple of people appeared on air dressed as sheep and started setting up dominos. Various Bert dolls and green monkeys were waved at the camera. Dramatic movie music was played. I think it might have been from Lord of the Rings, but I dunno.

Then one of the sheep people swept up the dominos with a broom, and now he/she is dancing with the broom.

I wonder if someone at TV4 brought some illegal drugs in to work. Whatever it is, it's as odd as hell.
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One of the bits of news in the new issue of TSV is that one of the Virgin novels is going to be available as an e-book on the NZDWFC web site.

That e-book is Who Killed Kennedy by David Bishop.

Pretty cool, eh? :)
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