October 8th, 2003



Not a bad DVD that one. The commentary was quite interesting and entertaining. Much ribbing of Matthew Waterhouse.

The extras weren't bad either. Thankfully we ran out of the rather pointless "TARDIS cams". There's a documentary (well, basically a spliced together series of interviews with people ranging from the cast to Ian Levine and so on) about the making of the story. "Did You See?" which is from 1982 and has some clips from the show, including a few from stories I haven't seen because they're mostly missing. The presenter was a bit of a prat though.

The "Location Film Sequences" were fairly pointless - just the stuff which takes place in the quarry, minus the sound effects and music. ah well!

I notice Roadshow still hasn't gotten around to printing the NZDWFC's address on the back cover, as they've been doing for the DWCA all along...