October 10th, 2003


The Domain Registry of America

Today I got a letter from this organisation. Despite the name, its address was in Melbourne Australia. Their letterhead uses the American flag, and the letter itself is a "Domain Name Expiration Notice".

Thanks guys, but I know when my own domain is going to expire. They invite me to renew the domain with them.

I think, however, I will probably just transfer my domain to my current web host, who are only asking $US 15.50 per year, as opposed to $AU 48

Trevor's car got vandelised last night. Spraypaint on the side of it. The police are on the case, apparently.
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Grrrand Piano

[cover]I bought Tubular Bells 2003 today, despite the copy protection symbol on the cover (Jeff tells me the new Enigma album is out here, similarly protected). It's quite good, though I'm not sure if it's strictly an improvement on the original or not. Certainly the playing is a lot more confident and relaxed... John Cleese's intros are entertaining.

I gotta know one thing though - when you stick it in a CD-ROM drive, you can access the copy-protection part which contains a player app and a version of the album compressed at 128kbps. However the file which presumibly contains the data says it's 800MB. How do you get a 800MB file on a CD which already contains 48 minutes of audio?

Oh well!
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Current music

I used to have a CD pouch I got from CD Now (before it was assimilated by Amazon) which could hold 12 CDs which I used to take CDs to work to listen to. Now I use one that can hold 24 CDs which I got free with a CD tower I bought from The Warehouse. Yaay.

For no particular reason other than to share what music I'm listening to recently here's the list of CDs which are in it:

Um. Hooray!

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