November 3rd, 2003


Spam, spammity spam

I noticed that the number of pieces of spam which have been hitting my yahoo inbox have been increasing in proportion to the number which hit the Bulk Email box. Pah, spammers.

Even Movable Type has problems with spam, and they've been talking about ways to combat it.

Personally I'd have thought the easiest way would be to have a page which lists all the recently posted comments, in chronological order... that way the blog owner would be able to see comments made on months-old entries.

Actually, it'd be nice if LiveJournal had something like that (but then it'd be nice if LiveJournal had Trackback and categories...).
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Relive the 80s!

I'm currently watching a show about New Zealand in the 80s. Brick cellphones, jazzercize, break-dancing, etc, etc. I think if anything it's killing any nostalgia I had for the 80s.

Excepting the music, of course.
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