November 22nd, 2003

Doctor Who

It's the 22nd, so...

Chapter 1 of Who Killed Kennedy is up!


Spent much of the night wrestling with the message board script on the NZDWFC site as well. It used to store each message in a seperate file, which is fine for small message boards, but not when you have 2000 messages. So now it stores the messages in monthly digests, which are a bit easier to work with.

My thanks to Nathan and theta_g and the rest of the people in #DrWhoChat who put up with my bitching while I was trying to debug it.
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There's a "Wellington get-together" of NZDWFC club members tonight. I'm going to go in early and do some shopping this afternoon. Wellington has many many music stores.

Hrm, my web site FTP keeps stalling when I try to transfer files.