December 23rd, 2003


Yo, fnuts

Yo! Incoming rant.

Those who I hang out with on IRC have probably heard me complaining about the state of Broadband in New Zealand. The problem being that Telecom owns all the wires and hardware and is basically the NZ equivalent of Microsoft. Except Microsoft has more competition.

Anyway, the Commerce Commission put out a report recommending that the local loop be unbundled, which would potentially introduce some competition, and like, possibly bring broadband prices down to a semi-reasonable level...

But no, the Commerce Commission have decided to turn around and say it's not necessary to unbundle the local loop. Great, I'll still be on dial up in another ten years at this rate, I reckon. As usual, Bruce Simpson has summed it up in a far more coherant and extensive manner than I ever could.


Reboot nicknames

I was watching ReBoot (specifically the end of season 4) on Sunday, as it's International ReBoot Month and all) and found myself wondering why AndrAIa kept referring to Matrix as "Sparky".

Interesting choice of nickname there.

(er, for those unfamiliar with ReBoot, Matrix is the big green bloke in the picture at the top of the page I've linked to up there. Does he look like someone you'd refer to as "Sparky"? Come on...)