December 24th, 2003


My holiday starts here

My first act of this festive season was to update my feedback script so if it doesn't get valid input (IE, if a spammer tries to use it without going via the form on my feedback page), it returns an error 403 (Access denied). However, it doesn't work.

I thought I was being clever and copying the code to generate a 301 (redirect) from another Perl script, but apparently just printing "Status: 403\n\n" is not enough for the browsers. IE returns a blank page and Opera just waits forever. I guess it was too much to expect it to work... :P
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Police on high alert

NZ police are on alert tonight, for a serial offender who has struck regularly on the night of the 24th. He's currently wanted for multiple counts of breaking and entering, and speeding in a reindeer-drawn sleigh. Description is of an elderly caucasian male with a long white beard and dressed all in red. May be packing a water pistol.
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