January 15th, 2004



Signed up with HostForWeb, check.
Cancelled Sectorlink account, check.
Domain transferred to new registrar, check.

The exchange rate is dead sexy at the moment. it was $US99.95 for a year's hosting which converted to $NZ154.63. That's pretty darn good.

I probably talk too much about my web site... but that's because it's my main hobby these days.
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Doctor Who DVDs and cash

In NZ, Roadshow prices single disc DW DVDs at $40 each, and double DVDs at $60 each.

Buying The Two Doctors and The Curse of Fenric here would therefore have cost me $120.

Instead I ordered them from Amazon UK. Even with postage, the total cost came out at almost exactly $40 each for a total of $80.

I love the Internet.
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