January 23rd, 2004


Stupidity is...

Being able to change a web site scheme to a scheme which is broken. And then you can't go to the user settings screen and change it back, because it tries to render the page in the site scheme, which is broken and just gives you an error message.

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> music.tetrap.com ns42.hostforweb.net
Server: ns42.hostforweb.net

Name: music.tetrap.com


Subdomains are fixed, I can now get on with my lifeupdating my page.

Extreme kudos to HostForWeb support for getting this fixed.
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Doctor Who

Who Killed Kennedy

It's Friday night, so instead of being out partying I'm updating my web page, as usual. :)

Three more chapters: 19, 20 and 21, which takes us up to the end of Part Two. Next Friday will probably be the last three chapters and epilogue, so there'll only be one more of these updates...
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