February 9th, 2004



Crap. I just type a whole bunch, then accidentally press Escape, and Internet Explorer takes that as its cue to clear the input box. Thanks, Mr Gates!!!

Er, where was I?

I haven't had much to say recently, hence my non updatedness.

My friends list is about to get a bit quieter, as a bunch of people on it are going to disappear to the Gallifrey One convention. I refuse to be envious though.

There was a car accident on the other side of the road when I was driving to work today. A car hit a concrete truck. Ouch.

I added two more ReBoot icons and some Enigma icons to my LiveJournal Icons page on, er, Sunday night I think it was.

And I've been flying to Mars in the exped community.

So, not much happening really.