February 10th, 2004



I got an interesting email today... recap:
A while ago I signed up with the forum on sallyoldfield.com. Sally is an accoplished musician who's released a number of albums. The most recent one I bought was "Flaming Star", which is quite new agey. She also has two brothers, Mike and Terry, who've put out one or two albums themselves. :)

The email said that it was from the person behind sallyoldfield.com, which is currently closed, and gave the impression that there were issues with the record company and that he was looking forward to resuming work on the site. He had, however, taken the rather extraordinary step of forwarding the domain to Leigh Franklin's website, another singer for whom he plays guitar.

He went on to say they are giving away ten copies of Leigh's new CD to people who join their forum before the end of March. He also promised if I sign up to the their forum, he will impart how to get to Sally's website (I presume it's still up on the old IP address).

Somehow that all strikes me as a somewhat cynical way to pick up new listeners...
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