February 16th, 2004



We had a really bad storm last night and into this morning, and many roads around the Hutt were flooded. Including the road where I work. This is mainly because of blocked drains. I think the Lower Hutt city council needs to invest in a couple of gallons of draino.

More rain to come as well.

Edit: One nz.general denizen posted this picture of the flooding.

Warped sound

The CD I got with DWM 337 turned out to have gotten warped(!) somehow en route. I played the "Living Legend" adventure, and it barely got to the end before it started skipping like heck. On second playthrough, it only got about halfway through.

It now has a weight on it to flatten it out. Geesh.

Power fluctuations keep resetting my modem. Grrrr.
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