March 17th, 2004


Is it just me?

Or has Janet Jackson had more publicity since the incident than in the whole rest of her career?

She's going to be on TV again but they're going to have her on a 5 second delay in case she gets the urge to rip all her clothing off, because, y'know, it can happen to the best of us. The 5 second delay is so they can flash up a message and tell everyone at home to start their VCRs recording or something.

They need to have one of those "technical difficulty" cartoons ready, maybe.
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South Parked

My SG-1 episode

Your Perfect Sgwun Ep! by nostalgia
It are aboutJonas
And it is set ona desert planet
Danielnearly dies
Then Jackdoes pottery
But is OK cuz Samgets drunk on petrol
Sothe world is saved by Thor ex machina in his ship 'Jack's Lovely Arse'
And thenhomoerotica happens. Yay!
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Homoerotica! Yay!