June 10th, 2004

Ho hum

SORBS: Part 2

A while back I complained I was being blocked from emailing drake57 by SORBS. I was reminded of this when someone mentioned they had this problem too, so I sent another test email to drake57. It doesn't seem to have bounced this time, so perhaps the block has been removed...

Of course, people are now getting so annoyed, there's a movement to Google bomb the SORBS web site using the text "worthless project". I, of course, would never aid in such an endeavour, despite SORBS indiscriminantly blocking whole ISPs and assisting the spam itself (which apparently now makes up about 80% of all email sent) in rendering the email medium useless. Although SORBS is now at 3rd position for "worthless project" on Google. Heh.

SORBS is basically the spam-fighting equivalent of hanging all your suspects just to make sure you get the criminal.