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Alien + Domain transfer

I spend today watching the extras for the movie Alien, part of the Alien Quadrilogy box set. What an amazing amount of extras they've assembled there. The only think I was miffed about is that the gallery of storyboards was incomplete (jumped from just after the Nostromo lifts off from the planet to the epilogue. I thought I'd pressed a wrong button at first...)

Extraordinarily good transfer of the film itself. I'm used to seeing really shoddy pan-and-scan versions on the telly, but the DVD version is gorgeous.

I attempted to transfer to a different registrar tonight. My first urge was to go with the hostforweb registry, which I attempted to do. Created an account, put in my details, attempted to transfer. The site announced my credit card had been rejected. Checked the details, tried again, same result. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong.

Anyway, I ended up creating an account with, which ringbark suggested, and which worked out cheaper than the hostforweb registration. Put in a request for a domain transfer, but as of this current time, I have no domains listed under "Pending Transfers" nor under my list of managed domains. So far as I can see there shouldn't be a problem, so perhaps it just takes GoDaddy a while to process the request... hmm...

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