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The Time Travel Research Center

I was cleaning out my spam mail account and noticed an odd spam titled "TIME TRAVEL RESEARCH CENTER needs your help". At first I assumed it was that fellow who was emailing people looking for components to build a time machine, but no...

Most Honorable Time Travel Enthusiast,

TIME TRAVEL (temporology) has been, and continues to be, a science associated with myth, misinformation, fear and rumors.

The staff and volunteers of our RESEARCH CENTER work every day and night to dispel these misconceptions and to provide support to people
of all ages and nationalities, interested in this new intriguing field.
It is only with assistance from volunteers, TIME TRAVEL RESEARCH CENTER can continue to provide education and high quality programs and services for people of the world who needs them.

WE are asking for your support to raise public awareness about this science and help our civilization to finally say its word in our

And then the next line is a request for a response "with your readiness to donate/invest".

A search for "time travel research center" reveals a Flashturbated website on a subdomain that starts "makemillions" which is only slightly unsubtle in the way that Michael Jackson is only slightly dodgy.

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