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Current Anti-spamming Tech

For several weeks now, JeffStoat (senorhonkhonk) has been unable to email George (drake57). Why? All his emails bounce. Why are his emails bouncing? It's not because of a server being down or some other transient problem, it's because George's ISP uses a black list of IP addresses to filter out spam, and one of the email servers which Jeff's emails pass through is on the list.

I discovered this myself because I tried to email George myself, and the email bounced. Jeff and I are sort of on the same ISP, in the sense that we were on different ISPs, and then the company which owns Jeff's ISP bought mine too.

I have emailed the Paradise postmaster to see what they can do.

This anti-spamming technique appears to be roughly analogous to cluster-bombing a city block just to get one criminal hiding in it.

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