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Parallel Parking

Back when the automobile was invented, I doubt its inventor ever envisioned that there would be millions of the suckers all over the place. I guess that's why it never occurred to him that when they invented parking, the method of parking which would involve taking up the least width of road, and therefore leave more room for the cars which were actually moving, would be parallel parking. Which is probably why he didn't invent a way for the automobile to drive sideways, which would make parallel parking trivial.

It's some two hundred years later, and parallel parking is everywhere, but cars still can't drive sideways, and seem to be designed in a way that makes parallel parking as difficult as possible for the driver.

ABS breaking we can do, airbags, etc, etc, but not cars that can drive sideways on request. It's no wonder we haven't landed a manned mission on another planet yet.

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