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No sooner did I post the previous entry than I got a reply from Paradise regarding the non-George mailability.

SORBS require US$50 per email classified as spam, which they appear to have defined as spam. According to their own database, the particular definition they have used is "servers sending to spamtrap addresses". I somehow suspect Paradise isn't going to pay this.

Wonderful - not only are we faced with overzealous spammers, but now overzealous *anti*-spammers.

Edit: Other people have had trouble with SORBS too, from both ends: SORBS Sucks, Please boycott SORBS for e-mail filtering, How Not To Filter Spam.

It appears SORBS' email filtering is not very good. drake57, the only thing I can suggest at the moment is talking to your ISP's technical support and seeing if they can modify the filter so we can email you again.

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