Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Thank you to the Telegraph :P

Shock! Horror! Telegraph writes highly inaccurate news story on new Doctor: Time to save the universe (again)

To the worldwide community of Whovians, it was the most seismic event since the fourth doctor (Tom Baker) appeared to be drowned by aliens in 1976.
I suspect this is a vague reference to The Deadly Assassin...

"The brotherhood's split in two about this," says Huw Turbervill, a columnist for Doctor Who Magazine.

Britain alone boasts 8,000 "active" fans - activity being measured by the number of CDs and DVDs purchased each year

...and doing battle with Cybermen, Aggedors, Zygons and Bonnie Langford.
"Aggedors"?!?! OK, the Bonnie Langford crack's gonna cost 'em. Where's my hitman?

the foppish Doctor has been played by eight different actors, each sporting a haircut more embarrassing than the last.
Ummm. Eh? Picking on the hair now?

But my favourite part is the description of the theme tune:

(a high-pitched squeal followed by dumma-di-dum, dumma-di-dum)

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