Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Last Night's Angel

Er, spoilers, I guess, if you haven't seen season 4. Which is what I believe we're seeing at the moment, though I didn't catch the episode title.

OK, first, please do not start episodes with Lorne singing. He's the green singing dude - I get it, no need to repeat it.

OK, now someone explain to me how it is that the episode is presented as Lorne telling the story of what happened, yet he's unconscious during 95% of the tale? I guess he had someone tell him what happened later, but sheesh.

The plot itself was quest interesting: Lorne casts a spell which goes awry, causing everyone to regress mentally to their teenage years and not know who everyone else is. Which is not at all like the Buffy episode "Tabula Rasa". No sir. Not at all.

I suspect it would have been more fun had they done this after Spike joined, so we could have confused William the Bloody as well.

Ummm, that's all I've got to gripe about.

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