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Random Unreal Tournament 2004 Entry

Or part thereof.

Today I got about two levels into the Assault section of the tournament and decided to take a break and see if I could determine if the bot AI had been improved much. I started up an Invasion match in DM-Plunge.

In Invasion, if you're never played the game and therefore are probably skipping this entry, is where you and two team members battle waves of aliens from the original Unreal. If you die during a wave, you can't respawn. If all three team members die during a wave, the game ends.

So right away the bots are violating a few basic rules:

1. when battling in an arena several miles in the sky and the enemy is firing at you, don't jump off the side to avoid the enemy fire. You will fall and die.

2. When a team member is standing between you and the enemy, shooting the team member is impolite.

3. When I tell you to "cover me", I expect you to stay where I am, not wander off, get into trouble and die.

Then there's this guy. He appears to be trying to teleport-frag himself:

WTF?! He continued doing this until I got bored and shot him. It happened with another bot in the next Invasion game as well.

I notice they've now capped Invasion at 16 waves (before it just kept going until eventually you got bored and gave up, or everyone died)...

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