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Browser fonts - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-04-26 21:03
Subject: Browser fonts
Security: Public

OK, so what's happened here? The bits of text on the right-hand side are set using <font size="n">. As you can see, the sizes are rendered identically in IE, Opera and FireFox.

On the left, the text has been sized using the style attribute "font-size" set to the appropriate value. In IE and Opera, these match up with the numeric values, so xx-small is the same as font size 1, x-small is the same as font size 2, etc.

However in Firefox, x-small is the same as font size 1, small is the same as font size 2... all the fonts render one size smaller in Firefox compared to the other two browsers I tried.

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User: hilker
Date: 2004-04-26 09:53 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
This page may or may not help.
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Alden Bates
User: abates
Date: 2004-04-26 13:31 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Good grief. That's the hackiest thing I've seen this millennium!

Cheers! :)
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