Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Three CDs I wanna get

Hughes de Courson, Lux Obscura: A Medieval Electronic Project
"Lux Obscura - an Electro-Medieval Project, is a fascinating cross-over project which brings together Medieval and electronic music, more specifically techno, and trip hop."

Jeff spotted this in a music store in Wanganui. Of course, no music store in Lower or Upper Hutt seems to have it. Current lowest price spotted: $33.99 at Marbecks. [Edit: see my later post for the results of this]

Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy, Immortal Memory
From a random blog: "It’s a very spiritual album, with many of the tracks taking their lyrics or theme from religious works. There’s a version of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic (’Abwoon’), a prayer carved into the choir stalls of the Church of San Damiano in Assisi (’Psallit in Aure Dei’), and the feel of the whole album is reflective and reverential."

Found in blog I looked at in my BlogLines recommendations. Current lowest price spotted: $31.95 at SmokeCDs.

Rhian Sheehan, Tiny Blue Biosphere
"The sophomore effort from the local, critically acclaimed musician. With a sixteen piece string section, and collaborating with Gramsci, Anika Moa, and Jess Chambers."

Which Jeff spotted on a TV programme, I believe... It's a New Zealand album, so it'll probably have that annoying "Copy Control" crap on it. Current lowest price: $26.95 at SmokeCDs.

Hmm, I see is currently closed.

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