Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Bonnie Langford in Fosse

It occurred that rather than spamming my Journal every time I found a new URL, I could just make one post, put it in my memories, and add to it every time I find a new URL. That should avoid annoying too many people. :)

So, URLs about Bonnie appearing in Fosse:

23/06/2004 - Dance: Fosse [Serious About News]

17/06/2004 - Review: Fosse [icnorthwales]

10/06/2004 - Stunning routines set to show classics [icnorthwales]

04/06/2004 - Fitting Tribute to Genius of Bob Fosse [icnorthwales]

04/06/2004 - Bonnie's Back! [BBCi]

01/06/2004 - A Bonnie Broadway musical [Weston & Somerset Mercury]

23/05/2004 - Bonnie's in Town [Evening Post]

21/05/2004 - Bonnie praises theatre great [Serious About News]

21/05/2004 - Bonnie Langford to guest star in Fosse [mkweb]

19/05/2004 - Postcard from Bonnie Langford [The Scotsman]

14/05/2004 - Bonnie grows up [icnorthwales]

13/05/2004 - 10 shows in a night [icnorthwales]

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