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Mission: Defeat Bandwidth Bandits

The Concept: make it so people can't "remote link" to graphics on my web page.

Attempt #1

Attempted to add some mod_rewrite voodoo as in the bottom post on this message board to my .htaccess file. This had the desired effect of making remote linking to my site, however only because it rendered my entire webpage a 403 error.

I moved the experiment to a test directory to avoid complaints from people trying to browse my site. After some experimentation, I discovered that even putting "RewriteEngine on" in the .htaccess file rendered the contents of that directory 403.

And I just did a check with a CGI script, and mod_rewrite is not installed on the server. Should have checked that first, I guess... This method won't work on my site.

So no do voodoo.

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