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ST: V, Caretaker + Parallax - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-08-11 22:09
Subject: ST: V, Caretaker + Parallax
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Jeff has lent me his season 1 box set of Voyager.

Thoughts on Caretaker:
It's easy to work out who's going to die in the initial disaster, because every one of them is mean to Tom Paris in some way. Tom's too much of a nice guy to be plausable in the bad boy role though. Chakotay's a bit harder at this point in the series too...

The memory cheats. During the scene where they first encounter the Kazon on the planet, I remembered them beaming down a large rectangular glass tank of water and it later shattering under phaser fire. Instead it was two opaque tanks which are later holed. Weird.

I'd also forgotten how they lose the Marqui vessel (Chakotay rams it into a Kazon ship).

Neelix is annoying from the word go.

And Parallax:
Yay! The first of many spacial anomolies, and Voyager gets stuck in it. Also includes the Incredible Shrinking HoloDoc for comedy relief. B'Elanna Torres is made chief engineer, but it's little surprise she gets a high rank really, since she's the only other Marqui who had any sort of a character. This story really centres on her and Janeway's acceptance of her as a valuable crew member (despite her breaking another crewmember's nose earlier).

There is fortunately very little Neelix.
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