Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Star Trek: Voyager, Time and Again

Episode three of the series... Voyager comes across a planet where the entire population has been wiped out by a massive polaric explosion. When the away team beam down, Janeway and Paris are accidentally transported back in time by a subspace pocket to before the disaster and must uphold the prime directive while trying to find a way back.

<trekkie> The described effects of polaric radiation sound similar to the thalaron radiation from Star Trek: Nemesis. I wonder if they're related. </trekkie>

Kes' psi powers get a decent outing, with her sensing a disturbance in the force as they enter the star system, and later on her spidey sense tingles whenever she's somewhere where Janeway was. Tom Paris has basically turned into fluffy Tom, a state in which he will remain henceforth. Neelix is still pointless (he's not even familiar with the planet) and is hardly in it.

HoloDoc seems surprised at the news that Kes and Neelix are new arrivals and not part of the original crew complement. This is odd: presumably he treated Kes' injuries in The Caretaker after her rescue from the Kazon - wouldn't he have noticed then that he didn't have any medical records on file for her? Also, he's integrated with the ship's computer, so surely he knows what's happened since they arrived in the Delta quadrant?

I'd forgotten how naff Janeway's bun was.

The story is pretty cool, but the ending was unsatisfying. Come on, if they're going to save an entire planet of people, at least let them remember it. The time paradox part of it is screwed up anyway - the disaster only happened because Tuvok and go were trying to open a subspace rift to rescue Janeway and intersected the polaron conduit, but Janeway realised this and sealed the rift, so the Voyager crew caused it, but they didn't. Feh.

Might possibly have been an allegory about nuclear power too, but I couldn't be bothered noticing.

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