Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Star Trek: Voyager

Phage: In a desperate attempt to make Neelix shut up, the Vidiians steal his lungs. Hey, it works. For a while, anyway.

Apparently Janeway gets her own private dining area. Wow! The privileges of rank. It strikes me that having an open flame on a starship like that would be rather hazardous and wasteful of oxygen.

Tom seems a bit dim, as he seems to have forgotten that HoloDoc is solid. Interesting that they can project holograms through solid matter (Neelix's chest) though. And Neelix thinks Tom is making the moves on Kes. "He's one big hormone, walking around the ship." Ha!

The Voyager crew is lucky that the Phage doesn't appear to be contagious (or at least compatible with any species on board. Perhaps it's genetically targeted to their species - some sort of weapon? Hmmm.)

The Cloud: Voyager ventures into a nebula and gets stuck. They escape the nebula only to realise that it was, in fact, a lifeform and they've injured it. Hijinks ensue.

Chakotay says they have a complement of 38 photon torpedoes on board, but Janeway points out they don't have any way to replace them. They nevertheless use one in order to escape the nebula.

First on-screen use of the holodeck - Tom wakes Harry up in the middle of the night inexplicably to show him the French holoprogram he's made. Tom says of one character that he includes her in all of his holodeck programs (funny, I don't remember her...)

In fact this ep seems to be full of "character" stuff, with Janeway's search for coffee, Chakotay helping her with animal guide stuff, HoloDoc mentioning his creator, Tom and his holoprogram, etc, etc (Harry claims to remember being in his mother's womb. riiight). This is mainly because the actual plot only occupies about a third of the episode.

Janeway's animal guide is a salamander. Chakotay says B'Elanna attempted to kill her animal guide.

Ha! Janeway told off the spotty git for wanting to abandon ship when they went back to heal the nebula creature. He promptly elects himself morale officer.

Eye of the Needle: Voyager encounters a teeny tiny wormhole to the alpha quadrant and attempts to make contact with someone through it.

Kes continues her medical training that she took up at the end of Phage, while observing that the crew seem to be pretty rude to the HoloDoc. That's probably because he's rude to them. After a pep talk from Janeway, by the end of the episode he's deciding he wants a name.

Tom's apparently introduced Kes to the delights of spinach juice and pear. WTF?

Harry contacts his parents every week (the big girl's blouse) while B'Elanna says she hasn't seen either of her parents in years.

And DENIED! The Romulan turns out to be from 20 years in the past, and he died four years before Voyager's mission. They just can't catch a break.

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